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    Fantasy Gem
    Once upon a time, there was a quiet small village in Silentschool, which was a small country. Silivia, 14 years old ,a lovely and happy little girl , lived here with her family and friends happily .
    In a sunny day, Silvia felt very good ,and she wanted to challenge the masters of Fantasy Gem, and the players should lead Silvia to win all the matches and to get the championship of the Fantasy Gem .

    Like other Fantastic style games, this game bring players brilliant graphics and beautiful characters. There is no doubt the players will gain the double enjoyment from the feeling and the vision. The integration of the story mode(conversation with the big characters) and the battle mode make the overall rhythm simple and fun!

    It’s a easy playing and challenging game!The player could select one character from the free mode after the story mode is compeleted. And in meanwhile,those great music will make the players keep pleasant mood, it’s really the best entertainment playmate! Players can challenge any character to achieve the highest scores and the great evaluation. You believe in your ability? Challenge and surpass yourself? Want to know the answer? Download it as soon as possible and try yourself!

    * Easy to play and control,just like those classical games.
    * Brilliant graphics, beautiful characters and backgrounds.
    * Interesting story, wonderful music and sound effect.
    * Find hidden characters and get the best evaluation.
    * Simple and enjoyable game !

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    Nov 17, 2010
    Great, when will it come in App store?

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