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    We are Xeis Studio, we developed a video game named Mariachi Giro for the iPod Touch and iPhone platform. It is a music game that contains items representative of mariachi music, a Mexican tradition. We are in the final stages of development in alpha testing, so we are looking for volunteers to test our game, that can take you beyond your limits and find bugs.

    Game Objective
    Visit places in México playing Mariachi music to get fame and fortune. Mariachi Giro works at Garibaldi and wants to go out and try luck, so it saves money and hire a room to play his music at the Revolution Monument , with the money continues recruiting sites to complete their tour, with a larger group and better equipment and more money in the bag.

    GM has 3 modes of play:
    Quick Play. The player can run the melodies that have unlocked through the career mode., also you can choose the stage that you wish, meanwhile you have unlock career mode.
    History. In this mode the mariachi goes of "palenque" or gives serenades for a beautiful girl. As you progress in the runaway will unlock songs and stages.
    Multiplayer. In this mode, you can form a mariachi connecting 2 to 4 players via wifi or bluetooth. Each player will play any instrument or the voice in Collaboration mode. Each time that one player lose is out of the game and is eliminated until the last one player be the winner or the melody end. The players in collaboration mode can interpret the songs and scenes that the players have in common.

    For more information visit:

    To enroll someone in the tests is required to make an app and an exclusive license for their team, they would have to provide the UDID of his team, which can be (any generation iPod Touch or iPhone any generation).

    IMPORTANT. Anyone interested please contact me via private message by this chanel

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