We are launching a cross promotion network and we want to help good games be found.

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    Hey Devs!

    As everyone is pretty much aware that the discovery is a HUGE problem for most iOS game developers and we want to help good greats get discovered by gamers. We currently operate a private gaming network for iOS games and by joining our cross-promotion network, you will instantly be cross-promoted to all our existing games. There are other benefits of our cross-promotion network that we will provide more information through email and it is FREE to be part of the promotional network for the selected games.

    We are going to start with working with a few selected developers initially. If you are interested, please send us an email, [email protected] with these information:

    Developer Profile: Individual Name or Company name
    Games in AppStore:
    Links to Games in AppStore:

    If you have any questions, free feel to post them here and I'll try to again here if possible.


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