Warpstorm: Interstellar adventure

Make it to the top by fighting in PvP battles!
Warpstorm is a captivating new title combining elements of roguelike …
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Make it to the top by fighting in PvP battles!
Warpstorm is a captivating new title combining elements of roguelike RPG and space simulation games!

This space RPG takes place several hundred years in the future, in the AD 37th century. Mankind has already conquered space, and intergalactic travel, once merely a fancy dream, is now a mundane reality. As the captain of a spaceship, a brave adventurer, you lead your crew through the vastness of our universe. You will enter a cruel world of space exploration and political scheming, engage in drawn-out corporation battles and, finally, unravel the mystery of an ancient race.

Warpstorm cleverly combines elements of RPG and simulator games to bring you an unforgettable experience.The space game offers a vast array of capabilities and different strategies while fighting other players. You can upgrade you space ship with a variety of equipment, give orders to your crew and play for different races, each possessing their strengths and weaknesses. A huge variety of weapons and a diverse range of spaceship models will keep you excited for months to come; and a host of available battle strategies will give you a chance to learn from your mistakes and make to the top of the game rating in your own unique way! Warpstorm takes you into space and fighting games to a new level!

Key features:
• The random event and text quest generator create multiple gaming universes to keep the gameplay unique for each player.
• A full external and internal view of your spaceship to keep a watchful eye on what’s happening on board during battles! Unlike many other cosmic games, Warpstorm gives you a real sense of a space simulator!
• You give your crew commands and exercise power over action every second of the game. You can also train your crew and upgrade their combat level like you would in most fighting RPG games.
• Lots of game characters: there are 7 different races, 3 of them playable: humans, ursars and gorgonites.
• A huge variety of weapons: kinetic/plasma/ion/EMP weapons etc. , as well as a variety of equipment to install on your spaceship.
• A diverse range of spaceship models: human, ursar, gorgonite.

Note that a steady Internet connection is necessary for the game to run smoothly.

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Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Nov 21, 2014
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