iPhone Warp Block Battle HD 1.20 Update Online Play!

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    Aug 9, 2010
    Hi, I would like to announce the latest update to my game Warp Block Battle HD, which included online play (Wifi, 3G and EDGE all supported) and OpenFeint integrated! I have also improved the gameplay by created more bonus points and bonus drops when you warp out a lot of blocks at once or do big warp combos.


    Challenge your opponents to a puzzle showdown in Warp Block Battle! Play online versus people all over the world, or versus your friends via wireless, or face off against the computer AI.

    Pairs of randomly colored blocks will fall on you and your opponent's game screen. Sometimes a warp gate block will fall, which allows you to send adjacent blocks of the same color through a warp gate to the opponents game screen. Whoever lets their blocks reach the top first loses!

    -Play Online over EDGE, 3G or WiFi with opponents all over the world!
    -Play versus Computer controlled opponents or humans via WiFi or Bluetooth.
    -Challenge yourself to reach a high score.
    -Your game will automatically be saved when you receive a call or quit in single player.
    -Unlimited replay value even in single player, try to reach a higher level every time.
    -High score listings online.
    -Unlock achievements via OpenFeint




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