Sugar Cubes Crush

"Refreshingly Different!" A mix of Minecraft & Candy Crush

Sugar Cubes Crush is an original, fun …
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"Refreshingly Different!" A mix of Minecraft & Candy Crush

Sugar Cubes Crush is an original, fun and intuitive skilled puzzle game perfectly suited for casual gamers of all ages.

It includes three modes of play:

● Build iT

Starting with simple flat one colour puzzles, you will soon find yourself creating full 3D multi-colour shapes and objects. 90 Levels to keep you busy.

● Challenge

Play with friends to see who is the fastest.
Use the built in level editor to create unique custom challenge levels that you can share, and compete with against your friends to become the level owner.

● Sugarcraft Free-build

Want to relax and get creative? Then do some block building of your own.
The SugarCraft Free-build arena lets your imagination run free.

Then share your SugarCraft World with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Email etc...

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5 Stars - Fun puzzle game that challenges you to think in 3 dimensions

5 Stars - A wide variety of games. I wish i had downloaded it earlier.

5 Stars - The 3-D graphics are amazingly well done, and the gameplay is really fun. The controls and interface are slick and smooth. I got hooked right away, it's really addictive.

5 Stars - Honestly this is Awesome 3D Sugar Cubes designs not that Only but training your memory keeping UP!

5 Stars - Really sweet for all ages starting from 5 or 6 my kid did some of the first levels which they are easy to him and that keep him happy. I recommended this for everyone. U won't waste your time I promise.

5 Stars - Entertaining! The 3-D graphics are really well done and the gameplay is super fun! The controls and user interface are smooth. The music is catchy and suits the game perfectly. It's really addictive and fun :D
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Nov 09, 2014
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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Compatibility:HD Universal