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    Nov 26, 2015
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    Dear You,

    Today, I am thinking of finally starting to develop a game I have been wanting to do for some time.

    I would like to create a text-based choice adventure. There will be no graphics, only white text on a black background and some sound. I have a great (a really great) narrative in mind (which I obviously can't reveal).

    Before I start creating such a game, I would like to have a debate with you on the following matter:

    Could such a game (text-based with some sound) find its audience ?

    After all, how many people want to play a text game with deep philosophical and moral choices, set to make us think on our current world situation ?

    I hope you can help me answer that question.

    If we conclude there is a potential audience (a game without players is nothing), I will start making it ( a process which will take probably around 6 to 8 months (because I am thinking of including A LOT of possible choices)). But if the opposite is true, then I will focus my energies on other game ideas I have.

    Thank you in advance for your input ! :)

    P.S.: If released, the game will be Premium and have no IAPs or Ads.

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