War with Goblins: Domination

Jacek Zawadzki
A battle game of the real time strategy type (RTS), dynamically showing the hostilities between the armies of humans and…
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A battle game of the real time strategy type (RTS), dynamically showing the hostilities between the armies of humans and goblins on the battlefield. The game has attractive, climatic fantasy graphics, perfectly depicting a magical world in which humans coexist with goblins. It is complemented by equally atmospheric music. Controlling the game is simple and natural, using the potential of touch screens. The full game version contains 28 various battles. 24 different types of troops take part in the game. The army of Patria, the human kingdom, includes the following units: Commander, Wizard, archers, light and heavy cavalry, Pegasus Knights, infantry, pikemen, Battle Dogs, artillery, peasantry. Lupitia, the Goblin country, puts the following forces against them: Chieftain, infantry, archers, Berserkers, wolf riders, chariots, artillery (ballista), wolves, Trolls, spider riders, harpies, bat riders, hydras and dragons. There are also detachments of dwarves on both sides of the conflict. During the fight, a number of different parameters, which influence the fight, are taken into account; they allows you to achieve victory in different ways. A special significance is given to the military power with which the detachment is fighting at a given moment – this power increases if the commander of the army is nearby; it decreases if the detachment is fighting with more than one enemy detachment at the same time. The type of the terrain on which the detachment is positioned also influences the military power of that detachment. One significant element influencing the outcome of the fight is the ability of the respective detachments to charge and inflict painful losses at the beginning of the clash. The firing detachments, which can strike severe blows to the enemy without their own losses, also play an important role in the game. All these elements enforce the use of specified strategies in respective battles and make the game interesting.
Seller:Jacek Zawadzki
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Jul 15, 2017
Updated:Mar 23, 2018
Size:90.2 MB
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