Universal War of Dungeon - myth or reality chapter 2

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    By popular demand, I write the second part of the article about the game - War Of Dungeon.

    I would like to say so, but unfortunately reality is not that. This is a joke. so to say lyrical digression ...
    A bit of the background of the game and a couple of videos of the new menu, and the choice of character, and running in before I say that the menu turned out really cool. As a matter of fact the first part of the article.


    Since ancient times there have been legends about the Deities that have hidden in the caves countless riches and artifacts that give great strength and power to those who have found these gifts. And now for many centuries, traveling on the boundless and boundless dungeons brave warriors fight with malevolent inhabitants, with a goal to find these gifts. The spirit of competition and superiority for many, many years has not disappeared, and the thirst for profit all persecutes people, to find wealth in these dungeons. Many courageous and strong not only the spirit, but also the body of the soldiers, never managed to return. And are you ready to plunge into this gloomy and dark world of uncertainty in order to obtain the desired gifts?

    As promised, watch the video

    I hope this article will find better than the previous one...
    Also I remind you that we are running a campaign on a Kickstarter, stinging to support this project, welcome on the link.

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