Universal WalkScape - a game inspired by RuneScape where you walk in real life to progress

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    Hello everyone!

    Screenshots & other stuff to check out:
    In-game Screenshot
    World Map
    Location view

    I've been now developing a game called WalkScape for 6 months. In short, it's a game inspired by RuneScape where you gain progress by walking in real life. Steps are counted even if the app is not open, so every step you take while your phone is in your pocket is counted for. We want to keep the game distraction free, so you can focus on walking and the people around you.

    I'm an indie dev, and I want to emphasize that this game will not be P2W or have any predatory monetisation practises. The idea came to me as I'm a computer scientist student who is sitting a lot and I also have ADHD and needed a game to motivate myself to be more active. So combining RuneScape style game to walking seemed like a good combination. I'm doing this game primarily as a hobby. My aim is to create a great game while also helping people to be more motivated to do exercise.

    The game uses your device's step sensor and can be synced with Apple Health (or Google Fit) to record steps by using a smart watch. This game is not GPS based, so it can even be played while walking on a treadmill. The game works in a way where you select an activity for your character that is available in the place where you character is currently location. Like cutting birch trees, fishing, or foraging plants. Then you can close the app and go for a walk, come back an open the app and it calculates your rewards based on how many steps you've taken.

    Features in the game:
    • 15+ skills to level up
    • Hundreds of unique items to craft and gather
    • Active gameplay components, such as turn based combat mechanic in the style of old school JRPGs
    • Online features like partying up with other players, selling your items on a player-to-player market
    • Huge world map where travelling between locations require you to walk IRL
    • Lore, quests and story progression
    • No microtransactions, no ads, no bullshit

    I think this is pretty unique (at least I haven't seen games to do it), and felt like you guys might be interested about the game. We are planning to have a closed beta around Q3 this year, so if you want to be among the first to sign up you can follow the WalkScape subreddit or join our Discord from our website. I write biweekly development blog posts to the subreddit, and there are already a plenty of them available if you are interested in reading more details. We also have a Twitter if you are interested following there.

    I'll be here answering any comments and questions about the game!


    - schamppu, developer of WalkScape
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    This is a really neat idea. Best of luck, and keep us up to date on your progress!
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    Jan 31, 2023
    Thank you! I'll do my best to post updates here as well! :)

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