Wacky Wings, Multiplayer Runner/Flier with blood and gore

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    Hello guys!

    We have been working on a game for 5 months now, and we figured it was time to show it off for some feedback. We have designed the game for player progression, but we also want to keep players close to development by allowing them to send us ideas for items and content they want to see in the game, and we will put the best ones in the game.

    Here's a video of a earlier build, some stuff missing, but it is a WIP.

    Here's a screenshot of the current look of the game:


    * Singleplayer Championship that spans across 4 Cups in 3 Enviroments with their own hazards.
    * Multiplayer mode where 4 players go head to head while racing to the finish line
    * Hundreds of unlockable costume pieces obtained by Challenges
    * Ranking System: As Players progress,they alos rank up, earning new items to show off.
    * Lucky Wheel: Earn tickets and spin the wheel for some more rewards
    * Leaderboards with their own rewards
    * Character Picture sharing: Snap pictures of your character and share it with others

    We are working on alot more features, and theres probably tons more we want to put in the game, but our priority now is keeping the game running as smooth as possible while playing online.



    So, we are hoping for some feedback now. It basicly boils down to, would you play this? Does it look fun to you? What features would you like to see in a game of this category?

    Feel free to shoot me anything, we really enjoy doing this and we really want to build atleast a decent community, not just as players but also as developers in their own sense. Everyone has ideas, but not everyone is able to put them in games. We want to atleast let you get one foot in the door by letting you into our game, it beeing things like helmets you want to see, or even gameplay content.

    Thanks alot for having a look, we hope you liked it!:)

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