Universal Wacky Pigs (by Popvil and Tasty Poison Games) [Universal]

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    Hey peeps! Have a look at our new release!

    Wacky Pigs is a challenging arcade game with beautiful graphics, unique animations, intuitive controls and an amazing soundtrack!

    The world just got a little loonier when a farm full of adorable pigs mysteriously sprouted wings and took flight. This new breed called Wacky Pigs have rapidly multiplied and are now running wild across the world. You need to track them down and make sure they’re captured before their numbers get out of control.

    Don’t let their adorable looks trick you into thinking they are fully harmless. If they can’t be stopped it could jeopardize national security! It is now up to you to catch as many as you can, are you up to the challenge?

    Use your fingers to swipe over the screen to catch the Wacky Pigs as they are wildly flying around. If you get stuck in the game, you can purchase Bacon Bombs and use them at any time to help you clear the screen.


    •Simple swipe/tap controls
    •5 cute Wacky Pigs
    •Bacon Bombs
    •10 unique Arcade levels
    •Challenging Expert mode
    •Unique graphics & animation
    •Game Center leaderboards & achievements
    •Free updates


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