VOXPLODE! 2: Day of the Voxies (by FishPotato Games)

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    Voxel blasting fun is here with VOXPLODE 2: Day of the Voxies!

    The Voxies were just trying to have a picnic. Perhaps they shouldn't have done so in a graveyard! Now, it is your job to protect the Voxies and rescue their friends in this ridiculously cute, suprisingly twisted and awesomely fun arcade shooter.

    Tap to shoot as wave after wave of enemies tries to overtake your cannon. Fight your way through action packed levels in 11 different worlds, rescuing your friends and unlocking power ups along the way.


    - Simple to play, intense shooting.
    - 11 worlds, including zombies, pirates, picnic, clowns and more.
    - Unlock and upgrade power ups like smart shots, machine guns and ice storms.
    - Rescue Voxies, pick your cannon, and maximize your damage.
    - Unleash the power of the Bear!

    VOXPLODE 2: Day of the VOXIES is fast paced fun for everyone (except the zombies).

    Give it a try! I'd love to hear what you think.

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