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    ♥Voice Reminders application is YOUR BEST CHOICE!

    Voice reminders are an easy and convenient way to contact your clients, customer and patients with reminders, notices and other important communications.

    We all need reminders from time to time to remember those small little things we have to do, Voice Reminders Pro does exactly that except it gives you voice reminders at the time of your own choosing. and not boring message but your own voice with upcoming tasks.

    Everyone need to remember some important things , especially when someone else expects you to get something specific done. With Voice Reminder, you can quickly record voice reminders for yourself and set the time/date for it to trigger. all things done even you has closed this app at the trigger time.

    If your always need to remember your family birthdays and prepare presents for them, it is difficult to do that, with voice reminder, just use the repeat function, and before time to set, voice reminder app will help you to remember, no worried about this.

    You will never miss a reminder even you didn\’t have time to listen voice on previous setting time, just take easy to set snooze time.

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    ★★★★★Time saver! By Stag4life
    Great time saver. Your phone your message your voice, your choice. If someone has a laundry list for you don't type it, have them record it and you set the time to be reminded of it.

    Would be amazing if you could export your voicemail messages directly to the v-reminder apps and set a reminder instead of having to paraphrase. Can't have everything yet. Technology is advancement by evolution right? Enjoy

    ★★★★★Well! This is what I wanted! By Jack Jone
    Easy to add a reminder,beautiful UI, and very useful about quick date selection. Worth to buy

    ★★★★★Excellent! By baristo
    Cette application est un cadeau du ciel pour qui ne veut jamais arriver en retard.
    C'est un peu la même fonction que "CALENDRIER" mais en plus ça parle (ou ça chante), selon ce que vous lui donnez à manger.
    Je lui donnerai six étoiles quand elle sera en français. Mais c'est tellement simple que ce sera seulement de la gourmandise.
    Merci chers petits développeurs.


    Voice Reminder app is easy to use, if you always to forgetting things, Voice Reminder is your best choice.

    Simplest application to be used remember something, and will alert you at the time you set efficiently.(Just 3 steps to flow)
    1. Open application and click big start button to record a reminder use your voice.
    2. Set the time & date that you want to alert you.
    3. Save and close the application.

    ☺To do, Alarm, Birthday Reminder and Timeline apps all in one.
    Give up traditional typing and use voice to remind yourself, since world is getting even faster and more complex.
    ☛Let us join VOICE REMINDER TIME! ☚

    ☑ Local push notification, no need to have application running to be reminded
    ☑ Unlimited record time
    You can used this application to record you conference.
    ☑ Many great alert tones to choice, itunes music as reminder tones will be added soon later.
    ☑ Send your friends or employees an email with your voice(Reminder).
    ☑ Support repeat reminders
    No birthday reminder application needed, No worry about every monday morning's conference… Just 3 three steps, all things is so easy.
    ☑ Backup audio file to your PC easily.
    No need to worry about lost your voice files, easy to backup audio files to desktop machine. Backup to server will be added soon later.
    ☑ Many before time can be selected, you have enough time to prepare.
    ☑ Snooze function, no reminder miss.
    If you don't have time to listen voice reminder at the time event comes, just set snooze time up to you, many default snooze time will be your quick & efficient choose.
    ☑ Fastest way to set alert time and date
    You can set alert time and date with exact time and date, and we also provide you a fastest way to set alert time and date, we provide you many default time you will be used.(Such as 30 minutes later, 1 hour later, tomorrow morning, 2 days later, one week later etc.)
    ☑ Great user interface, just like your record machine in your home.That's so kind.

    ♥We suggest you place this app on dashboard, then you can find and use it quickly.


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    Oct 13, 2010
    Half price only for today.
    5 stars iPhone/iPod app, featured by App Store in word-wild

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