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    My first indie game on iOS App Store started out well (up to 600 daily downloads), but after the first month the downloads dropped suddenly to low double digits. I am trying to understand why. Have any of you also experienced this? It's a free game so I can't spend much ad $$; any other options?

    Also, the number of daily active users is decent but not many reviews/ratings. I don't show any pop-ups asking for reviews and the 'Rate us' button is also not upfront. If it's more visible, are users more likely to rate it? I mean, do users normally rate games? Most successful games have such a large number of review it almost seems suspicious to me! Sorry if these are naive questions but it's my first game.

    For those interested, it's a word puzzle game named Joggle (free for iOS and Android). I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have. Many thanks!

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