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  1. I have written an email to Celeris regarding my query- this is what it read...

    I am concerned that I am missing out on a newer version of Virtual Pool for the iPhone. You see, when I check the version of my app in my library, it shows version 1.0. Yet, the version available in the app store is showing version 1.91. If I remove mine from my library and re-download from the app store, it still shows version 1.0. Can you shed any light onto this?
    I have been hoping for an update ever since I bought the app months ago, as the over head view needs working on. When you are asked to nominate a pocket when potting the black for example, you have to tap the Call Shot button twice to return to the shot view, and then it doesn't automatically aim at the black ball like it should.

    Can anyone on here confirm their version number? Thanks.
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    If it OK with the admin, I can give you a link to another forum where the developer answers questions directly.I'll just post it, if it is against the rules then remove the link please. I am not promoting this other forum in any way, I just know the Virtual Pool developer posts there.


    Also, click on Virtual Pool on your iPhone and click "ABOUT" on the splash screen. That should tell you the apps version - mine says 1.91.
  3. Ahh. Never thought of checking the app itself for the version number (not all say). Indeed mine says 1.91 in the app itself, although in iTunes it's 1.0. Maybe I will see if the developer will still answer my question as to wether an update is due as I hate the over head views problems.

    Thanks for your help.

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