iPad Virtual Pool made worse by new update?

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    I have posted on the MacRumors forum (where the developer reads feedback) on the new version of Virtual Pool, available from today.

    Here is what I said...

    "The new update is available as of now!

    After my first play, I think the new shot action is better, and I do like how we see more of the cue so it is easier to drag for the shot. Definitely better.
    However, the over head view can end up looking a mess with the bottom buttons-

    It seems the table graphics are still showing at the bottom of the screen below the over head view of the table, and make it look messy. Plus, what is the Aim Line supposed to do? On mine it isn't doing anything that I notice other than take me back to the cue view if I'm in the over head view when I press it.
    As before, it's the over head view that really spoils the polish you have given the rest of the game.

    [EDIT] Found out why Aim Line wasn't doing anything- Firstly it was disabled in the settings. Then when I enabled it, I STILL had to start a new game for it to take effect.

    Note to the developer. Some serious work needs to be done here, as this is looking even more messy than before. If Aim Line is disabled in the menu, WHY have we still got the Aim Line button visible in the game when it won't do anything (not only that, I don't want to see it there cluttering the screen when it's not needed/used)? When you enable it, why did I have to start a new game for it to take effect? Why does the Aim Line button take you out of the over head view when all you want to do is see the Aim Line IN the over head view? In Settings, why can we still press the yellow arrows to toggle room graphics etc, but not for Adversary View- you MUST drag that one to change it, which isn't smooth at all by the way. All this without even bringing up my previous points that you failed to spot because you don't play 8-ball yourself.
    I'm sorry, there are some welcome changes in this update, but I am really seeing it as a step back rather than a step forward."

    My comment regarding 8-ball was because the developer hasn't noticed that you have to press Call Shot twice after nominating a pocket in 8-ball, and also it should automatically aim at the 8-ball after pressing the Call Shot button.

    Has anyone else downloaded the update? Opinions?
  2. nickels

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    Oct 15, 2008
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    I was bummed that I found this update on my way to work, so I can't update till I get home (need wireless network for update). I was wondering how the new shot sensitivity is and if it is easier to grab the cue now. I love that they added your own ipod BG music as an option.

    You may have some issues, but you have to appreciate a developer that listens to it's audience and also provides feedback to people who leave them comments. They seem like a class act company that will get to any problems that you've found in the update.

    Now if I could just update mine.... grrrr
  3. Taking the shot is better than before. It is easier to grab the cue now as you see more of it, and the sensitivity is just right.
  4. Gregz0r

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    The update has improved the sounds, and the audio sync between the balls hitting each other and the rails, is now spot on.
    Also, I like how you can play your own music via the iPod app and still have the game sounds there as well(I didn't think that was possible).
    As it is, this game is immense, long-term fun, but a polishing up of the GUI, and it'll be perfect.

    Also, the opponent's mug shots could be better quality. :D
  5. Agreed, Gregz0r. I really wish the menus were more up to date, instead of using the same graphics from when it was released many years ago. Plus fixing the other problems with the GUI too, would make it spot on.
    I do like the new sounds though, and it is easier to grab the cue.
  6. nickels

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    Oct 15, 2008
    Web Developer / Designer
    PA, USA
    Version 1.93 is out, and you can all thank wastedyuthe for pointing out a variety of bugs to the developer. I think he noted about 10 issues that got fixed, and gave some great suggestions for the next update.
    I wish I didn't have to work as I am itching to try it out.

    Can you cancel a shot again by removing your finger from the screen?

    Now we just have to sit back and hope that online multiplayer is added soon!

    PS - It's still on sale for $2.99.
  7. Haha! Thank you very much Nickels. I just want the app to be as good as it possibly can, and am trying to help the developer achieve that. I have posted a message to the developer on this new version, and here it is...

    "WoW! What a difference a version number makes! To the developer, all I can say is well done, and thank you.

    My previous points were-
    1) When nominating a pocket, Call Shot has to be selected twice when it should only need to be tapped once.

    - FIXED. This makes the 8-ball game SO much better to play now, and looks a lot more professional.

    2) After pressing Call Shot, you are returned to the cue aim view, but it should then automatically aim at the 8 ball.

    - FIXED. Again, like point 1, this makes the 8-ball game a lot better to play now.

    3) Now in Over Head view the buttons look messy as some are still partially visible when they shouldn't be.

    - FIXED. The over head view looks a lot more like a finished version rather than a beta.

    4) Remove the Aim Line button from the game UI if the function is disabled in the settings.

    - FIXED. It looks a lot better now the button is no longer there if disabled.

    5) For some reason, enabling Aim Line doesn't take effect until you quit the current game and start a new one.

    - FIXED. This will save a lot of confusion as before, I was wondering if the aim line actually worked at all when I enabled it.

    6) When you click Aim Line while in Over Head view, it returns you to the cue aim view rather than just showing the aim line in the over head view.

    - FIXED. This makes a lot more sense now you can turn the aid on or off while staying in the view.

    7) Adversary view in the settings seems broken. The other settings yellow arrows can be tapped to toggle, where-as Adversary view can only be toggled by dragging.

    -FIXED. A lot easier to select now.

    8) I agree with others about taking your finger off the screen. It shouldn't be counted as a foul, but rather a cancellation of the shot.

    -FIXED. Pheww! That was getting annoying. The game is a lot less frustrating now, as I did this a lot.

    So, this is SO much better than the previous version- thank you. However, here are some points I would like to go over, as I don't think it is quite perfect yet.

    1) Please do something about the horrible yellow square which nominates a pocket. It is very ugly. Why not an arrow pointing to the pocket or something?
    2) Have you looked into faking the ball going into the pocket yet? If at all possible, it would make the game look better as well as being more satisfying to play. This is not essential of course- rather a request.
    3) I personally think the Aim line button should be re-named to Aim Aid. In the menu settings, you name it as the aim aid, and can have either a line or a ghost ball as options (obviously the ghost ball still uses the line). But if you select Ghost ball in the settings and return to the game, it doesn't make sense having a button for Aim line (which is what you call the other setting). Having a button for Aim Aid will work for BOTH settings- see what I mean?
    4) Now this is more of a bug report than a request, and I hadn't spotted it until I play tested this latest version. When in Over Head view, if you select the Menu button at the top, then resume, it does some strange things as you can see...
    ... The first shot kind of speaks for itself. In both shots, notice the Over Head button is STILL activated, and only when you click on it does the game return to normal.

    Overall though, much better. Great!
    I have just re-submitted my iTunes review- 5 out of 5 again, and mentioned that it is a lot better than Midnight Pool while I was at it."

    He hasn't responded yet, but no doubt he will sooner or later.
  8. nickels

    nickels Well-Known Member

    Oct 15, 2008
    Web Developer / Designer
    PA, USA
    1.94 came out last night. So far most of the annoyances seem gone and the controls are much better. The main addition is the ability to aim from overhead. You still have to shoot from the first person perspective.

    PS - App is still on sale for $2.99

    wastedyuthe, I've seen lots of reviews saying Midnight Pool is better. You still disagree with that?
  9. Mr. Charley

    Mr. Charley Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2008
    Yeah, I'm curious as to which pool game is the best.
    This one intrigues me, especially due to the career mode. Does the career mode have longevity?
  10. Carlos-Sz

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Yes! The top view aiming is a nice addition! :)

    Maybe it's time to improve menu system and remove the old legacy (e.g. career mode has a small listview with tiny scrollbars).
  11. Hi Nickels. Yes the new version has made the app slightly better than it was previously (the last version fixed a lot of the problems so it was already good then) and adds just a little more polish. There is an easy aim now for those who prefer it, where you set the strength of the shot via a bar and press a Shoot button. But I haven't tried it, and REFUSE to try it. I much prefer the power being determined by how fast you drag the cue, and that's what makes VP better than all these top-down view Pool games.
    The dev has also fixed what I requested- a message to say who has won a Quick Play match, instead of just returning to the menu screen after the last ball is potted. Although it uses the money note graphic from the career mode (it looks a little odd using it in Quick Play as no money changes hands in that mode) at least it is finally there.
    Aiming from the overhead view is now an option, but is only useful if you have the aid on, so you can see the cue balls path. I never use the aids, so again, this addition is useless to me personally.
    Apparently, it is now also easier to make low-powered shots, although I didn't have a problem with it before tbh.
    Overall, the game still plays excellently, and is certainly the most realistic I have played (not counting the top-down view ones because I haven't bothered with them).
    Tbh, I haven't played MP in such a long time as I got bored with it, even it's career mode. I unlocked all the characters pretty quickly, and there is no difference in locations tables, as they are all the same size and you can change any tables colour in the menu. MP never was as good as VP as far as I am concerned. Even VP's career mode is better. It's longer lasting for starters, and you have proper incentive to unlock all the tables as they are different sizes as well as different colours. Not only that, but I always thought MP was less realistic in terms of speed. It's far too fast for it's own good. Plus VP has better control for aiming, with you being able to get right down to the balls to check your aim, just like in real life. In MP, you have an unrealistic view where you are too high up from the table, and you can't get any lower.
    The only thing VP is let down on is the very old looking menu's. I remember owning VP on my old PC many years ago, and the menu's had the same look then. Still, the game is the most important thing, and it looks and plays great. I still play VP now, and haven't really stopped since I bought the app all those weeks ago.
  12. Yes the career mode has longevity in VP. You play for money with different opponents. You start off in a garage. You need a certain amount of cash to play the boss, so you keep winning till you have enough, then beat the boss (hopefully), and unlock the next location. There are several locations, each with their own size and colour table, with increasingly difficult opponents.
    It keeps you occupied for ages.
    With MP, I got bored with its career mode after half an hour.

    [EDIT] Perhaps it's time I did a more in-depth comparison review of these.
  13. nickels

    nickels Well-Known Member

    Oct 15, 2008
    Web Developer / Designer
    PA, USA
    Excellent review. I never got MP cause VP really has everything (minus masse) I would expect in a pool game. The career mode is hard, and the aiming and shooting system is top notch.

    I was hoping the balls would go into the pockets with a 3d animation with the update, but they still disappear when you make the shot. The menu system is old school but I so rarely see it that it doesn't bother me. I like that the devs have responded to just about every issue so far.

    Once they get mutliplayer working its on! Assuming it will be over the net and not on a shared local connection. Have you played Curly or Slow Roll yet, they are both impossible to beat.
  14. Firstly, thank you for the compliment :D . It wasn't really meant to be a 'review', but once you get me started on a game I love, it's hard for me to stop ;)
    To be honest, I don't miss masse shots at all. The game plays great without it, and I don't understand all the fuss about it.
    Yes, the one thing I still want (and asked for) was to actually see the balls going down the pockets. Perhaps he is still working on it. Not too much of an issue though.
    Multiplayer should be great when he does it. I personally would like it if he concentrated on updating the menus first. But at least they are functional if not attractive.
    Tbh, I haven't played Curly or Slow Roll, as I haven't gotten that far in the career yet :D
    I have unlocked a handful of tables which I like playing on so much in Quick Play mode, that I am happy now to just play in that mode against the cpu or myself (for practice, and the fact that I always win!!!)
  15. Gregz0r

    Gregz0r Well-Known Member

    I'm playing Slow Roll now in career mode. I'm reluctant to go into career mode, atm, because she's kicking my ass, and is one game away from taking a huge chunk o' cash from me. :D:mad::p
  16. jwbrent

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    Sep 16, 2008
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    OK, I just downloaded this game and like it much better than "Pool", but there are some things to be worked out.

    First, in the "Settings" menu, there is an option to change the "Aim Line". I don't believe this setting works since whether it is disabled or set to the other 2 options, the results play the same. The "Track Lines" button on the game screen shows up and you can still show the aim line even when the settings option is disabled. Also, the "Line Only" and "Line & Ghost Ball" options don't seem to do anything different.

    Second, the "Easy Shoot" setting doesn't work right. When enabled, in order for the "Shoot" button to appear on the game screen, the "Track Lines" button must be pushed as well even though the power meter can be set with the "Track Lines" button off. Finally, if you disable this option the power meter and "Shoot" button shouldn't appear when the "Track Lines" button is on.

    I think it would be more aesthetically pleasing to move all the buttons to the top of the screen. Maybe that's just me...

    The wording on the "Step Back" button applies only when your fully zoomed; pushing the button gives you a better view of the table. But when you are not fully zoomed (so far the way I play), the "Step Back" button actually brings you a closer view so you're really not stepping back. Perhaps "View" would be a more appropriate designation.

    All of these observations were made while on a practice game.

    On a positive note, the physics of the game seem spot on. Looking forward to another update...
  17. When in 'Practice Mode', the 'Aim Line' setting has no effect as it is removed and replaced by 'Tracking Lines'. In addition, the 'Shoot' button for 'Easy Shoot' is replaced (so to speak) by the 'Shoot' button for Tracking Lines. So you are correct, the Aim Line setting has no effect and Easy Shoot method doesn't work... but that is because you are in Practice Mode. Play a normal game and things will behave as you expect.

  18. jwbrent

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    Sep 16, 2008
    Thanks for your reply and explanation on my observations...
  19. Hello VP! Nice to see you on here!
    I only wish I could change the name of this thread as it was for a couple of versions ago and doesn't apply now. Still, people will see that when they read the last several posts.
    For the benefit of this threads viewers, I asked VP a few questions- here they are, along with his reply...

    "1) Any news on if you will work on 'faking' the balls falling into the pockets?
    2) It looks like you fixed the save game bug am I right? (where going into Career used to continue your Quick Play save)
    3) It has been mentioned by others here- do you think you may work UK 8-ball rules into the game at any point?"

    The reply...

    "1) If this can be faked to an acceptable level, it will be in the online release.
    2) Yes, I made two changes and couldn't get the problem to happen again. Unfortunately that doesn't mean it won't happen in some other way. To be safe, if you have a Career on hold, complete it before you play Quick Play.
    3) UK rules will happen but after online. I assume that online is more important than UK rules, so that is the order I am working on right now."

    Thanks VP.
  20. salsamd

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    Nov 1, 2008
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    v1.94 is out

    overhead aim options
    improved touchscreen
    enhanced ghostball

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