Vintique updated to ver1.4

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    Apr 2, 2011
    Vintique has been updated to ver 1.4 as following,
    App store:

    - Fixed the issue that the output of "Highlight/Shadow" adjustment is not applied to preview.
    - Fixed the issue that the border of "sweet dream" is not blurred.
    - You can save taken photos to Album.
    - Vintique uses Location Services for location information of taken photos. You can let Vintique not use Location services on iPhone or iPad Setting -> Location Services.
    - Other apps can open their image in Vintique directly. I.e. Vintique is shown in the list of "Open in ..." of other apps.
    - The processed output image is re-used so long as the share view is shown.
    - You can turn on/off "High Resolution switch by swiping.
    - Named the image files attached to a mail "vintique_image.png"

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