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    Jun 30, 2012
    Hey guys,

    Our new app has just been released. It is a video geo-tagging app.


    ViGeoTag is build ground up for the iPhone meet your requirement in storing, organizing your videos. The app can store any number of videos till your device's memory run out. When you store your videos, the app geotags your video are stores its location. You can browse the video in the app's match and watch it. While watching the video, you can find out other videos taken nearby.

    ***VIDEO RECORDER******

    • Capture high definition video from your iPhone and save it with its location taken.
    • Display and store the city which the video was taken.
    • Name the video in anyway you desire.

    ****VIDEO BROWSER******

    • Browser videos in the app's in-built map.
    • The map will also display your current location.
    • You can also browser the video in a list mode.

    ***VIDEO PLAYER******
    • Play the recorded video in the app's built in video player.
    • The player will display the title, location and name of the city which the video is taken.
    • Through the player, you can view any video that was taken nearby the video which you were playing.

    ***SAVE TO DEVICE******
    • The app can even save the videos taken through the in your device's library.





    Link to app -


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