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    Sep 25, 2015

    I am a musician and composer from Austria, looking to score my first project. I have been producing music as a hobby for about 7 years now and I am looking to start my first project as VGM composer. My stronger genres currently cover Orchestral, Ambient, Electronic and Electro-Rock music.

    My preference in video game genres lie with Strategy games, (J)RPG and Action/Platformers which is also where I could see myself composing music for.


    You can listen to my orchestral work here:
    And my electronic music here:

    **What am I looking for?**

    I am looking for a small scale project. Something that needs a short custom soundtrack with a variety of tracks (or loops) for different situations, moods and stages of the game.


    If you like my style of music and have a suitable project for me to work with I would be more than happy to receive a message or an e-mail to this adress.
    Also if you have any questions feel free to comment here or send me a private message.


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