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    Price $1.99/£1.19

    "Welcome to Karma Beach!

    Hazy sunshine and incredible heat on the beaches of Thailand. Memories of movies from the 60's, listening to bands with too much to say for themselves. Their ghostly rhymes like the distant experiences of another life...
    Walking under palm trees with memories a thousand years wide, wondering what they've seen before.
    Then the people. Relaxing, talking, playing.
    Vertigo is dedicated to the games they love to play - the gentle, but strangely addictive traditional brick stacking game played forever on this ambient beach.
    Here's to a life full of days like these..."

    Finally, the classic brick tower game that's been missing from the iPhone and iPod touch for way too long!

    * Full 3D camera and real physics to simulate the real thing!
    * Up to 4 players (YES, 4 PLAYER MULTIPLAYER!!) with 3 different single player modes!
    * Camera mode - move the camera with swipes and zoom in and out with a pinch
    * Brick mode - drag or tap your chosen brick with one finger or pull and push it with a pinch!
    * Align mode - to make it easier - aligns the camera with your chosen brick
    * Hints - to show you where the wobbly bricks are!
    * Great audio - perfect for those lazy days playing Vertigo!
    * Invert Camera Y, Instructions, Expert or Normal modes, Tower falling or Low-Score loses - everything you need!

    "A perfect interpretation of this game on the iPhone - never before have the mechanics of this classic brick stacker been delivered so well. Genius!" - Estelle Mathieson, UK

    Give it a try with friends - can you beat your friends AND the laws of physics??


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Oh my goodness, it's Jenga!:) Another childhood favorite comes to the app store. Yippee!!!

    Now, I am assuming '4 Player MULTIPLAYER' means with friends on the same device, as apposed to online multiplayer right?

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