Versus Space Battle - 2 player multi-touch action on one screen

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    my name is Robin. I released my second mobile game as a self-employed indie developer and I hope that you find it interesting.


    Versus Space Battle is a competitive action game for two players on one device. Best played with both players sitting opposite one another at a table. Both players can attack, defend and evade at the same time by performing simple swipe gestures.


    • Multi-touch: Attack, defend and evade at the same time
    • Awesome 3D graphics with reflections, light and particle effects
    • Banter with your opponent by destroying her or his ship (or not)
    • Change the lighting to play in bright light or in the dark

    YouTube: video

    How to play

    Placing Objects
    Both players have a limited amount of energy (5) that is needed to place objects on the playground. The bars on the energy device display how much energy is left.
    → Both players can place several objects at the same time.

    To launch a projectile to hit your opponents energy device perform a vertical swipe into your direction (like drawing a bow). You can aim until you release your finger.
    → A projectile is the only object that can damage an energy device. Both of them. It bounces off of defense objects and destroys them. It also destroys other projectiles.

    A horizontal swipe will place a defense object.
    → Projectiles bounce off of defense objects but also destroy them.


    By touching on and moving your energy device left or right you can evade projectiles.


    Once one player lost all her or his crystals the round is over and the other player won the round.

    Additional mechanics

    The wiper
    The wiper destroys all objects on the playground. That happens after a projectile hit an energy device and in case both players only placed defense objects and no energy is left.

    The winner of a game gets the opportunity to annihilate her or his opponent's ship to end the game with a satisfying BOOOM!


    Get it for free:

    Play Store (Android):

    Amazon (Android):

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