Vendetta USA Crime City Sim 3D

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    Aug 7, 2015
    A real gangster knows the gangster crime city streets at the back of their mind. Get ready to build your own crime empire in the most amazing and epic Vendetta Crime Simulator game.


    Now that you have left the crime town of San Andreas, and done your time with the street crime in Russian city and Miami crime simulator. In Vendetta USA Crime City Sim you will have to start from the bottom of the street crime and earn your respect among the crime lord of USA crime city mafia to regain your vendetta crime empire.


    You have spent your time in criminal jail plotting with the crime lords your return back to the real gangster world, now is your chance to prove your real gangster crime city skills. Get involve in deadly shootout, gangster vendetta crime scene and street crime, earn more gangster crime street respect by completing more of illegal missions offered by this Vendetta USA Crime City Simulator game.

    In the gangster crime city the crime is at the peak. Unlike in Russian city, Miami or even San Andreas crime town, the regaining of your former lost glory will not be as easy, every gangster vendetta will have to be performed strategically so you can easily get hold of your own vendetta crime empire.

    Key Features of Vendetta USA Crime City 2015:

    ► Amazing crime city environment
    ► Crime City Mafia and mob wars
    ► Real life weapons and gangster city cars
    ► Deadly shootouts and car thefts
    ► Free roaming as well as various missions
    ► Marvelous third person view

    Enjoyed crime simulators in different gangster simulator games ? Then Vendetta USA Crime City Sim is just the right game for you!

    Let us know what you think of it :)

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