iPad Vector Tanks EXTREME! [by BlipTime Studios]

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Devilishly Good, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Hopefully, the setback won't stop the developer from making more vector games.

    I first got Vector Tanks when it was free. After playing it for a few minutes, I was very impressed with how immerse it was then bought Vector Tanks Extreme immediately. I always like vector graphics, but that is typically not enough for me to purchase. VTE had a bunch of little details that made it stood out for me. The sound effects is a mix of retro and new (jeep honking, helicopter noise, voices). The way your tank move and bounce is incredible. I don't think there is a tank game (or other sim game) on itunes that felt as real as this! Last, but not least is the controls. The implementation of the twin sticks for a touchscreen is pure genius! I often play twin sticks game (competitively online against people around the world). The VO in my nick stands for Virtual-On, a Sega twin-stick mech fighting game. To see that a tank layout working so well on a touchscreen, I was amazed.

    YouTube: video
    *In the future, if the developer ever decides to make a vector twin-stick game that is different, please use the above for reference :)
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    Apple never really adjudicates it seems, they just notify the developer of a legal notice as far as I know. Perhaps they do actively pull apps in this situation though. But I think that for the most part with copyright infringement, they stay out of the way. That's why you see so many blatant IP infringements on the app store.

    This isn't one of them. Inspired by Battlezone, sure, but VTE was a very different (and let's face it, vastly superior) game. I have lost tons of respect for Atari over the last few years, but none moreso than since they have been on this blatant copyright trolling binge with developers of excellent games that paid homage to classics of their youth. The thing is, Atari haven't made a solid game in...how long? They simply don't have the ability, it seems, which comes down to not having the desire, since all it would take is acquiring some top talent. Hell Atari, hire Peter Hirschberg and Owens Rodriguez, don't bully them for making your internal dev team look like clowns. Instead of an app store classic like VTE on the app store, we get crap like Atari's limp, uninspired, freemium Asteroids remake.

    I say again, f*** you Atari.
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    I bought and paid for this great game a ways back, had a hard drive crash with only partial backup... never realized this had happened and now can't even enjoy the game I paid for! Atari doesn't seem to be reimbursing people, can't understand how this is legal.

    Would anyone have a copy of VT Extreme I could download off of Fileshare or similar to replace my copy?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Mar 20, 2011
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    And unfortunately it has only tilt controls and the dev team has yet to answer any of the five messages I've sent them and it's been about a month. So panzer was uninstalled.


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    I just got it and I'm still enjoying it with the tilt controls. I also usually hate tilt controls but it's still fun. I do think they should add touch controls because I always prefer it.
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    Same here, no touch controls so i deleted it. Shame as it looks great

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