Vampires vs Werewolves from the team behind Mecho Wars

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    Hello again, Luc Bernard here.

    Since we recently revealed on the forums that we will be bringing Mecho Tales to iPhone also.

    For the past months I've been wanting to do another TBS, but since we would want Mecho Wars 2 to be completely different, we decided to do another TBS.


    So I wondered, well there isn't many vampire/werewolf games.
    Well I decided that I should give it a try with a proper online Turn Based Strategy.

    So what I'm asking you the players who played Mecho Wars and love Turn Based Strategy games.

    What do you want for the online mode?

    We are looking to release it in November.


    I don't want to reveal any screenshots yet, but it is different in terms of battle screens, where this time it's in fullscreen the battles.

    So here are just some units and concepts. So you guys get the style of the game.



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  2. swarmster

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    Jan 27, 2009
    Looks awesome, but it will be interesting to see how you balance it since werewolves are so vastly superior to vampires in every way.

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