Utilizer Deluxe shooter match3

Oleg Antipov
There are many problems in our space: it is teeming with alien parasites, debris and asteroids, which makes space travel…
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There are many problems in our space: it is teeming with alien parasites, debris and asteroids, which makes space travel dangerous. Therefore, the Star Federation sends to deep space the Utilizers, whose mission is to make space safer for interstellar flights. Welcome to the Utilizing Service, pilot! You arrived just in time: hordes of alien creatures flooded the space, and groups of asteroids and many containers with debris interfere with space navigation. For the first time, the Command gives you the lightweight spaceship “Mosquito”, on which you will begin to do your job. It is equipped with a weak frontal gun, but for the first time you have enough. Start with the space sectors of the "Celestia" star cluster, there are not much danger there, so I think you will succeed. Your main objective is to collect garbage containers on a utilizing platform and sort them by color. Remember: we don’t need garbage mixed, and you won’t get any rewards for it! Working principle of the platform is simple: as soon as you collect from 3 containers of the same color, the platform annihilates them, and a reward is credited to your account. It's simple, right? You also need to destroy space alien parasites that threaten space travel, orbital bases, and even entire planets. For the liquidation of each, you will get a reward, depending on the size and dangerous of a monster. A reward will also be given after a sector clean up, and it highly dependent on your skill. Finish the sector with 3 stars of skill and get doubled reward! After that, take the reward you received and invest it in improving your spaceship: upgrade the utilizing platform, improve your current weapons, boost engines, buy nukes, buy more powerful guns and shoot em up! Moreover, when you get more credits you can buy a new hull for the ship! Well, if you want to look stylish, you can visit the styling store and purchase holographic stickers on board to the taste. As soon as you receive new equipment and improvements, we will be able to give you tasks in more dangerous sectors for cleaning, and your reward will naturally grow! By the way, there are more ways to get space credits. Firstly, you can visit asteroid sectors - there are no monsters, but there are many asteroids that need to be disposed of. Secondly, often alien monsters are grouped in huge flocks, and attack our trade routes. Shoot em up and get a lot of profit! Thirdly, if you already feel that you have become a deft pilot and a desperate space shooter, you can try your skills at the “Survival” mode: cleaning endless space routes from alien space monsters. And it is naturally also paid, son. Each parsec of clean space will be paid! Well, when you finish all the basic tasks, you can explore the mysterious space of the Great Abyss. This is extremely dangerous, and no one knows what you may encounter, so only the most daring trained space shooters dare to fly there! Batten down the hatches, warm up the engines, activate the magnetic hooks, reload the weapons - it's time to utilize to the maximum! Have a good hunt, pilot! ------------------------------------------------------ Features: - A unique mixture of genres: an arcade space shooter mixed with a "three in a row" genre! - 6 types of player's spaceship. - 30 different types of monsters with unique characteristics, styles and behavior. - 4 different game modes with their own rules and opportunities. - The “Survival Mode”! Test your skills and get to the top of the leaderboard. - 45 space sectors in 7 star clusters. - Test yourself in the endless mode "the Abyss"! - 8 types of bonuses, giving for some time special abilities to the player. - 20 different upgrade options. - You can play offline, no permanent internet connection needed.
Seller:Oleg Antipov
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Oct 10, 2019
Updated:Oct 17, 2019
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