iPad US States Quiz 1.1 is now avaliabe

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    Jun 28, 2010
    US States Quiz 1.1 is now avaliabe. (Free for US States Quiz 1.0 users!) This update includes 2 bug fixes. The keyboard in open ended mode now works properly in iOS 4 and the issue causing the open ended capitals quiz to not reset has been fixed.

    Update 2:
    US States Quiz for the iPad is comming soon! Currently pending review by Apple.

    Do you know all the states and their capitals? Quiz yourself with US States Quiz. Play the faster and easier multiple choice quiz or for more of a challenge try the open ended quiz, in which you have to enter the name of the state or capital spelled correctly.

    Game Play:

    Open Ended Mode:
    Type in the name of the state or capital spelled correctly and then tap the done button at the lower left of the iPhone keyboard.

    Multiple Choice Mode:
    Simply tap the button showing the state or capital you think is the correct answer.



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