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    Jun 24, 2012
    Countdown begins for the London Olympics!!
    And there is an air of excitement all over!! Dont you think that you need to refresh the memories of the previous Olympics, before you get equipped with the latest in London Olympics 2012. Here's the right app for you!!

    After our successful stint with the London Olympic Facts (
    we continue updating with our next app!!

    This time with the country which has won the most number of overall medals and also the most number of gold medals, USA!

    This app brings you all the achievements and the amazing facts about USA in the Olympic History!! You get to know all the interesting facts
    about the winner country, USA, in both the Summer and the Winter Olympics!!
    The app also gives an option for quizzing yourself on the US Olympic facts. You get to view the image along with the right option, and the corresponding fact.
    These options make this app one of the largest database of US Olympic facts ever.
    Dont miss this App!!

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