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    Aug 29, 2020
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    Hello guys!
    I really need some feedback about my game.From the icon to description and gameplay.
    Here it is the description:
    -Take part in the most brutal, imaginary ninja war of the century.
    -The clash of the ninja clans has started, your mission is to dodge friendlies and eliminate only the enemies by the given color.
    -Build up your skills, get better and recover fast if your mission failed.There is no time to lose!
    -Your weapon inventory is vast, the old fashion shuriken throwing stars are still working..Lasers, bombs, rockets can also be used when in need.As this is war is one of actuality, like never seen before.
    My job was done, now it's your turn.I did all it took just to be sure that the game is:
    - Easy to play.
    -Lasers, bombs, rockets and shuriken throwing stars at your own will
    - You will enjoy HD graphics
    - Daily rewards are waiting
    - The multi Shop for buying targets , weapons and upgrade guns will always be available
    - I gathered the intel for all 25 missions you will have to conquer and that many more will come when you will be ready and ask for. View attachment 131957
    View attachment 131957
    unnamed (1).png
    Here it is the link :

    Any suggestions are welcome, thanks for help!

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