Urdu to English Dictionary: An Android App with English Knowledge

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    Urdu to English Dictionary is a learning app which was designed and developed with the purpose of giving people the prior knowledge of English Dictionary.

    Essential features of this app are as follows
    Essential Features of this App:
    • Home: Home feature allows the user to select the phrase or word of their desired language and search the meaning of that specific word in English to Urdu meaning and vice versa.
    • Thesaurus: This feature allows the user to select the Urdu alphabets of their own choice and find our all related English searches starts from that Alphabet.
    • Audio voice: User can listen the audio voice of selected word or phrase which help them to correct their pronunciation.
    • Antonym: Through this feature user can find the opposite of the desired selected word.
    • Urdu Keyboard: This feature facilitates the user to type the Urdu word easily and in a quick time by changing the dictionary mode.
    Download this app for free and enhance your English Vocabulary

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