Uppy! - 'Don't Let Anything Burst Your Bubble!'

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    UPPY! - 'DON'T LET ANYTHING BURST YOUR BUBBLE!' A never ending, spectacular and colourful underwater adventure - avoid (whilst you collect coins and gems) a myriad of fish, rocks and assorted critters plus all sorts of surprising creatures you didn't know could float, with looks and sounds that will make you laugh out loud.

    A FUN family orientated game that all ages will enjoy, from kids to moms and dads to grandparents. Truly random play means no two tries will ever be the same. Will your next attempt be an easier one that helps you smash your previous high score? Will you be having “just one more go?”

    Get coins and multi-valued gems to boost your coin totals and use vital seconds of 'NINJABILITY' to become invincible and push past enemies.

    Challenge your friends and family to beat your HIGHEST SCORE. How high can you go before something bursts your bubble?

    Choose from a range of 10 different sized cute and cheeky characters - will you be the dog? The cat? The owl? The penguin? Or something else?

    HINT:#The smaller the character the easier it is to navigate and avoid your bubble being burst ;-)

    • Personalize Uppy from a choice of 10 amazing characters.
    • Use Ninjability to push your way past enemies and obstacles.
    • Get golden coins to help purchase Ninjability.
    • Boost your coin count with green; red; white or black gems.
    • Hit magnets to attract coins and Ninjability.
    • View and beat your friends high score in Game Center.
    • Easy to play. Hard to master.

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