iPhone [Upcoming] Star Way, a game about tiny astronaut collecting his potato chips, spilled all over space

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    Jun 8, 2019
    I'm the creator of the upcoming game Star Way. I'd love to share my work with you, and hear your opinion about it! Here is how the gameplay looks:


    The game has a simple movement mechanics, based on orbiting around gravity fields of planets. You tap and hold finger on the screen to enter the gravity field, release it to escape it - simple as that! The longer you stay in gravity field, the more momentum you gain at the exit.

    The game starts with the terrible accident on the spaceship, in which our hero - little astronaut - loses all of his delicious treats. In the act of determination and despair, our fearless hero jumps out of his spaceship to recollect all the potato chips that fate cruelly took away from him.

    During his journey, he will face several threats - from the burning asteroids, through explosive bombs, speed-boosts, black holes and many others.
    Here is a early trailer for the game:

    Please let me know what do you thing about the game. I'm creating this game all by myself, so the feedback is essential for me!
    Also, I'm looking for beta testers - if you want to participate, send me an email!
    How to reach me:
    gmail: [email protected]
    facebook: facebook.com/Star-Way-the-game-318295778722870/
    twitter: twitter.com/RafalObrebski

    The game is coming when it's ready - but it will most likely be around September 2019.

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