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    SAILOR CATS global launch on September 19th.

    Official Trailer animated by the spanish team behind Sunshine Animation Studios

    Hi there!

    Platonic Games here again, the devs behind Symmetry and Happy Hop. Tomorrow September 19th we'll be launching SAILOR CATS: a fish'n'grow collecting game.

    Why a fishing game?

    We were both passionate World of Warcraft players, and we always talk about how, when we were tired of raids or bgs, we would just go somewhere nice to fish and relax. We would spend HOURS trying to complete fishing achievements, improving reputation to have better rods or just farming fishes to cook afterwards. It’s a memory we are very fond of and we wanted to bring that feeling to a broader audience, but in a cute Platonic way.

    About the Game

    In Sailor Cats you'll have to fish in order to get enough materials to build bigger and better ships, and in the way you'll discover new lands and new sailors that will join your fleet. The gameplay includes tons of relics inspired in real world historical items - All of them with a link to the wikipedia for all the curious cats out there!


    - Easy to play - one tap controls.
    - Great for kids, moms, grannies, crazy cats ladies and cool dudes alike!
    - Unique west-kawaii graphic style.
    - Achievements are integrated with Game Center.
    - Brand new Sailor Cats Stickers for iMessage!
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ingame Screenshots


    Hope you like it!

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