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    portada facebook2.jpg

    We are D.E.P. games, a company based in Spain and we are going to release on February 21 our new videogame: "Microbian".
    We are a small team and It took us a lot of time, but now, We are very excited.

    Here is the press kit with trailer, gameplay and features:

    Please, toucharcade community, What do you think about our game?
    I hope you like. It is our first game!

    Some information about Microbian:

    •Microbian is an addictive runner, a semi-procedural game in which a microbe flees an organic and hostile world.

    • Microbian keeps the balance between an art game, with an original graphic and sound art, and an addictive platform game developed only for iOS.

    •Intuitive controls: One tap to jump and Double tap to jump and stick to the opposite wall.

    •Semi-procedural system: the order of the obstacles isn't repeated, making each game different.

    • Rotating universe up to 360º.

    • iOSFremium Game.

    •Designed in black and white, Microbian includes graphic art elements such as charcoals or textures made with inks, emphasizing its expressiveness.

    •Microbian's soundtrack is based on experimental electronic music, soundscapes and ambient.

    Microbian team
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    Jun 11, 2010
    i've seen enough from the trailer to say, this looks cool! anyway, can i assume this is an auto runner platformer?
  3. microbian

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    Yes, It is a auto runner, a spider runner! . You only have two movements: one tap for jump and double tap to jump to the opposite wall. Here is a video explaining it.
    Thanks for your reply!
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