UPCOMING GAMES--- AGE OF MYTH (by China Wireless Arts Co., Ltd)

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    Aug 21, 2012
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    UPCOMING!!! Age of Myth comes out on Sep. 7th :D :cool:

    It’s a game about Gods, about revenge! For justice, you should fight!

    In the era of Olympus gods, gods were carrying out their function and power under the leadership of the god king Zeus. The whole god realm is stable and peaceful.

    Then one day disaster broke out - the island of Crete was hit by a severe earthquake, in which the Abyss Gate was opened - Endless monsters were swarming out from the huge cracks on Crete and began to destroy everything in Greece.

    In this most critical moment, the Olympus gods stepped forward. Zeus and his sons led the Athenian soldiers and civilians to resist the invasion of monsters. They fought so bravely that evils were finally repulsed, but they were then shrouded in deeper shadows – Titan, that had been sealed in the very depths of hell, appeared in the battlefield.

    In order to find out all, the Greek gods rushed to the island of Crete, where they found a magical slate of fate. However, this was the beginning of the real conspiracy – Thanatos, Hades, Poseidon reached out their evil hands toward the throne of Zeus one after another.

    Check the Video---

    :) :D so... how do you guys think about it?

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    Sep 5, 2012
    can not wait to try it

    :酷:can not wait to try it
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    Aug 27, 2012
    Any idea why both these guys got banned?

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