Universal [Upcoming] Dont Let Go - A Hardcore Free Faller

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    Coming soon to Apple App Store

    About Dont Let Go:

    Dont Let Go is an intense, surreal and hardcore high-score hunter. Take a deep breath and keep your concentration high, while free falling through the endless void in high speed - Where obstacles coming from the abyss will try to make you let go. Feel the adrenaline and your heartbeat rising, as you continuously skydive faster through increasingly harder challenges and hug tightly to dodge and overcome dangers. Conquer the leaderboard and compete with players around the world in one of the toughest, and most hardcore arcade games around! Be a free falling daredevil and DON’T LET GO !

    For how long can you fall before your inevitable fate?

    The game is out on Android now, and can be downloaded on Google Play

    Gameplay Trailer:

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