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    4,000 meters (about 13.123 feet) above sea level. The last survivor of a plane crash. It's -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit), and Anna has only the uniform of a flight attendant - and an old transceiver. The storm of the century is coming in the Alps. Can you save Anna?

    Anna’s going to find out if she is capable of taking care of herself – or the blizzard will do it for her. You decide how Anna’s story ends. Eight different endings await, depending on what you do and what you don’t do.


    Cold Crash is a survival game about decisions. Decisions that have to do with danger, with trust and courage; the courage not only to face a hellish ride through the Alps, but to excel oneself. Play the role of Marcus, the last Mountain Rescuer who is online. Anna will ask for help, so her fate depends on your thumbs.


    The player gets to keep in touch with Anna in real time, like in a chat app, and bring her down safely to the valley. Was the plane crash an accident? Or sabotage? Anna has no choice but to rely on what Marcus can convey to her through the old transmitter - and somehow get through to the valley before all hell breaks loose...

    Cold Crash will be released next weekend...


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