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Unmatched: Digital Edition is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed board game, where two (or more) opponents comman…
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Unmatched: Digital Edition is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed board game, where two (or more) opponents command characters from myth, history, or fiction in a battle for the ages! Have you ever wondered who would win, King Arthur (aided by Merlin) or a sword-wielding Alice of Wonderland? How would Sinbad and his trusty porter fare against Medusa and the three harpies? The only way to find the truth is in battle with a quick game of Unmatched! In Battle The Are No Equals! What is Unmatched? Unmatched: Digital Edition is a tactical game where each player commands their hero and sidekick(s), using a unique deck of cards, to defeat their opponent on the field of battle. The rules are simple. On your turn, take two actions which can be: - Maneuver: Move your fighters and draw a card! - Attack: Play an attack card! - Scheme: Play a scheme card (cards that have a special effect). Get your opponent's hero to zero health, and you win the game. What makes the game special is that each hero has a unique deck and ability. Alice grows big and gets small. King Arthur can discard a card to power up his attack. Sinbad gets stronger as he goes on more voyages. Medusa can damage you with just a glance. What makes Unmatched great? Unmatched is one of those easy-to-learn games with an incredible amount of depth. The tactical insight and knowledge of your hero and your opponents will determine the outcome of the fight. Games are quick – but play out very differently! Your decisions will determine your fate, and your skill (and just a bit of luck) will win the day. What can you expect? * Epic duels between the most unlikely opponents! * Huge tactical depth! * Stunning artwork by legendary artists! *Three levels of AI for solo play! * Near infinite replayability! * Easy to learn, hard to master! * In-game tutorial and rulebook! * Online multiplayer! * Synchronous and asynchronous game modes! * Official Unmatched rules consulted with the designers of the board game! * Multiple expansions to come - bringing new heroes and maps! * Unique experience of a board game with the convenience of a digital platform! The basic game contains: - Alice - King Arthur - Medusa - Sinbad - Marmoreal Map - Sarphedon Map
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Release:Feb 28, 2023
Updated:Feb 28, 2024
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