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    Visual countdown seconds timer

    Sergey Astakhov
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    Free ● Offers In-App Purchases


    MultiTimer is a versatile and easy-to-use countdown and stopwatch timer-app that combines a very elegant user interface and powerful features.

    Along with the Pro version of the application, the free version of the app offers you all of the features that make you aware of your tasks and responsibilities.

    The app has no garish or banner ads, mess and unnecessary steps - everything is clean, clear and consistent.
 All interactions with timers reduced to one touch.

    You can create multiple timers and customise them by naming, colouring and giving timers their own icons and sounds.

    MultiTimer allows you to run and reuse timers for anything what’s happening in your regular life: cooking chicken, doing some laundry, cleaning the house, taking a quick break during a busy working day, giving a minute to your favourite book or writing an article, playing chess or timing quizzes, or even carrying out therapeutic treatments.

    • Clean design and streamlined Dark and Light UI.
    • Multiple boards and timers.
    • Suitable arrangement of timers: Adaptive, Fixed, and Flexible layouts.
    • Countdown, Quick, Count-up, Pomodoro, Interval timer and Stepped timer, Stopwatch, Lap timer, Counter and Clock: run side by side.
    • Options to copy, delete, move and reorder timers.
    • Time and Date options to specify duration.
    • Counting down in days, hours, minutes and seconds.
    • Counting up in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours and days.
    • Indication of an Overtime period for the completed timers.
    • Editable titles and labels. Changeable colours. More than 80,000 + icons.
    • Adjustable sounds, alerts and notifications.
    • Various settings with the ability to adjust the time of running timers.
    • Delay start, Adjusted (backdated) start, Autorepeat function.
    • Customizable "Commands" to cope with multiple timers at once.
    • Journals to log time and actions. CSV export available.
    • Export boards and timers to another devices or backup them.
    • Multitimer interactive widget and widget for Active timers.
    • Siri integration, Shortcuts and X-callback-url support.
    • Apple Watch app and complication.
    • WebShare function to display timers via web browsers.
    • Notifications with action buttons: Terminate, Restart, and Snooze.
    • Auto-lock function and app icon notification badge.
    • Alerts don't interrupt music playback, but make quieter the volume of music signal.
    Some of the listed features may be part of the Pro version, and therefore are not available in the free version of the application.

    App Store Screenshots
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch.
    iOS Version: iOS 9.0 or later
    Download Size: 89MB


    App on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/multitimer-multiple-timers/id973421278?mt=8
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    MultiTimer - Free Fast Multiple Countdown Timer [Update]

    Hello TouchArcade Readers,
    The app has got new features to bring you the very best MultiTimer experience.

    In particular, what we have designed:

    • Modified one-tap functionality: One tap to start; One tap to pause; One tap to resume; And double tap to reset.
    • Added days and hours time values - now from 100 hours.
    You can:
    • Run multiple timers at once.
    • Set up custom grid of timers.
    • Make groups of timers.
    • Customise label, color, icon and alert sound of each timer.
    • Pinch and spread the timer using 2 fingers to zoom in/out timers.
    • Countdown timers continue to count up time after finishing.
    • Get notified with the "Active timers" widget.
    • See active or completed timers on the app icon badge.
    • Apple Watch support.
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    What's New: Free icons available for the use. [UPDATE]

    They say that the timer icon is one of the most important design elements.

    Therefore the MultiTimer app developers have made a decision that the search function and all icons has to be available for free.

    Now any user can set up any of the timers with a distinctive icon.

    History: Some time earlier the app user should make a review on the App Store to receive icons free of charge.

    Thank you,

    Enjoy the app!

    Link on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/multitimer-multiple-timers/id973421278?mt=8
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    Hi, Dear friends,
    We've got a lot of good news:
    First of all - We never stop to improve our application!

    Secondly - MultiTimer has indeed been honored to have been selected for the "Best. Timer. Ever" award by the App Store Editors from among the many deserving timer-apps.

    PRO TIP - https://itunes.apple.com/us/story/id1313547779

    Feel free to send all your questions and suggestions at support@persapps.com


    Available for free to any iPhone or iPad device with iOS 9.0 and higher.
    Download on the App Store

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