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    Jul 23, 2012

    3Mind Games Inc. would like to share with you the exciting new Pyramid Power Penguin game. We have a new division in our studio to help future game talent. In this new “the Rookies” division, interns have the chance to work in a full game development environment. Thanks to our “Digital Boot Camp” project, they have the opportunity to build an original game 100%, from start to finish and launch it on the App. store.

    We are very proud of our first group of interns who have worked so hard to realize their first game. We hope you will share this exciting news with others and enjoy this game as much as we had making it. Help us build more levels and new games by downloading now.

    Pinot is a rocket back-packing, power hungry penguin who will stop at nothing to protect the Pyramid of Power. You can help Pinot stop a variety of crazy creatures who are working together to steal the Pyramid of Power.

    The Pyramid Power Penguin game is challenging and highly addictive. Set in the exotic ancient sands of Egypt, and to the sounds of the mysterious east; this game draws the player into its environment instantly. As the player progresses further into the game, a variety of zany characters enter the game one by one stealing bricks from the great pyramid to reach the PYRAMID OF POWER up top. Each new character is more challenging than the last, motivating the player to play faster and harder. Use an arsenal of fruit bombs and SUPER fruit bombs to stop the endless waves of enemies as the battle for power progresses. Keep an eye out for surprise POWER-UPS; they will help you keep up with the attacks. What more could you ask for? Test your skills. Beat your time. How long can you last in this fast paced, fun for all, strategy game? The Pyramid Power Penguin game is destined to be a classic with its fun art style, sounds and challenging game play. This addictive game is exciting and is the perfect game for on the go.

    Zany Characters: Pinot is not the only foreigner in this battle; get ready for a variety of zany characters from all over the world. Fantastic artwork and completely animated !

    Arsenal of Weapons: Rain fruity death upon the heads of your enemies. See what kind of power up they are hiding. Try all the weapons, and discover what kind havoc the destruction creates!

    The Goal: What is everyone fighting about? The PYRAMID OF POWER of course! It possesses the power to make all dreams come true!

    Two ways to Play: Use the touch slide bar or experience a whole new challenge with the intuitive tilt “accelerometer” technology!

    3Mind Games and our interns thank you for your support towards our efforts. With the support of the gaming community we can continue to build valuable opportunities and bright futures for up and coming talent in the gaming industry.


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