Universal Unicycle Balance 3D

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    Featured Android physics game Unicycle Balance 3D now on the Apple Store for Free.



    Unicycle Balance 3D is a physics simulation Game

    Get balance on your unicycle with your finger by tapping.

    Getting balance will not be so easy as it looks. But dont give up.

    Take a deep breath and balance your fingers.

    Unicycle dont let you to balance , you will fall and fall again. Keep calm and remember physics rules.

    Ride ride ride ! You will have check points for each 50 meters.

    Remember it is just physics and balance. Dont miss your motivation.

    The goal is very very simple, just ride your unicycle as far as you can!
    Don't afraid of falling over, because you will fall... Again again and again.

    You will lost in time while you play...

    Tap to right side of the screen to cycle forwards and the left side to cycle backwards.
    Keep the balance up Unicycle!

    - Simple User Interface
    - Easy Gameplay
    - Three different type Unicycle
    - Keep Calm, because it needs calm
    - Unlimited live
    - Beat your friends
    - Challenge yourself
    - Challenge with your friends with Social sharing future
    - Leaderboards
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    I couldn't find your game, but I did find another one called Pinna- Unicycle for Your Nerves. Based on your screenshots it appears the games are pretty much identical. Are you affiliated with that game? It's been out longer than yours has.
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    Mar 2, 2015
    i like desing, but i like android version much. I can request checkpoint from my friends in android version, will you guys put same feature in ios version too?

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