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■ UNCHANGED – Unchanged Values Immersive storyline and growth through hunting and farming Capturing both the fun and the…
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■ UNCHANGED – Unchanged Values Immersive storyline and growth through hunting and farming Capturing both the fun and the excitement, while pursuing the unchanged values of a RPG ■ UNEXPECTED – Perfected RPG Venture through countless maps with diverse themes And experience the unexpected thrills from combat ■ UNLIMITED – Limitless Skills Surpass the limit by creating thousands of skill combinations from varieties of Skill and Link Runes ■ UNDEFINED – Freedom of Style Instead of choosing a class, enjoy building up your own character based on combat style ■ UNSTOPPABLE – Endless Contents From Raids to Guild Battlegrounds! Test your limits through multiple available contents Catch the latest UNDECEMBER news from the Official Community! [BrandSite] https://undecember.line.games/ [FLOOR] https://ud.floor.line.games [Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/UNDECEMBER [DIscord] https://discord.com/invite/Q7syAnHfha [YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO1YHH625KZdI66PjAEHDWQ ⓒ LINE Games Corporation & Needs Games Inc. All Rights Reserved. ■ Minimum System Requirements - iPhone 6S / OS 11 / RAM 4GB ========================== [How to Remove Access] - Setting > Access > Apps > Allow or Remove Access ■ Information on Paid Contents and Usage ※ Purchasing paid contents will incur additional charges. - Provider : ⓒ LINE Games Corporation - Terms of Service and Service Period : Refer to the information provided in-game (If service period is not shown, the game service end date is to be regarded as the service period) - Payment amount and method : Refer to the amounts and methods provided for each content in-game (Billed amount may differ depending on exchange rate and fees when using foreign currency) - Content provision method : Issued directly to the game account(character) that carried out the purchase or issued to the Paid Shop Storage in-game - Information on refunds : Refer to Article 5 of the Terms of Service - Compensation for damages and handling of complaints : Refer to Articles 11 and 15 of the Terms of Service - Inquiries : Submitted online through the in-game Support feature [Developer Contact] E-mail : [email protected] [Business Registration Number] 120-87-89182 [Business Address] 2F, AP Tower, Teheran-ro 218, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06221 [Privacy Policy] https://cs.line.games/policy/store/privacy?companyCd=LINE_GAMES&svcCd=STORE&langCd=en [Terms of Service] https://cs.line.games/policy/store/terms?companyCd=LINE_GAMES&svcCd=STORE&langCd=en
Seller:LINE Games
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Oct 12, 2022
Updated:Apr 10, 2024
Size:732.6 MB
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