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    Jan 3, 2022
    Experience the real ultimate Horse jumping challenge in your own Horse Champion show. The world’s jumping courses are waiting for you! No matter it’s Paris, Sydney, London or New York: there are no limits to you Prove your talent of Trot, gallop & jumping & win every tournament!
    Horse jumping game that mixes the arcade style with characteristics of simulation too. Infinite runner ultimate Horse stunt simulator game brings horse jumping match in an immersive 3d environment. Horse jumping 3d show is an addictive animal simulation game, where you can become pro horse rider.
    The horse-riding championship has started, so you can test ultimate riding skills easily, we have an action-packed competition is full of challenging hurdles, the world’s biggest cities waiting for rider like you!
    It is top horse racing simulation game, enjoy ultimate horse stunts, real racing & Jumping with more fun & more challenge for horse lovers!
    You can get favorite horse show games market, hire a jockey, train horse & prepare for the ultimate top challenges, breed the best to beat the best! Make stable a haven for fastest horses! Feed your horses on time, care for them, and make them happy before the race. Horse island has a lot of horses of the forest, each horse is unique, featuring detailed appearances, characteristics, pedigree histories, and stats, waiting to be part of horse carriage games or horse polo tournaments transform your horses into super champions, increase their abilities, including speed, sprint energy, training horse’s abilities improves their performance in competitions you’ll enjoy exciting tournaments and derbies all around the world & compete in a variety of stunts races from a local derby up to winning the quest for the Cup.
    Infinite Runner Horse Jumping professional training to the real condition Gallop become fastest rider & riding exercises with ponies become pro in horse stable adventure game.
    You need to play like a rider & feel you have horses in real life. You can use on-screen instructions, along with the user-friendly controls to master the game. Also keep an eye on running time & avoid colliding hurdles, earn extra rewards by completing each level. Buy new horse rival knights, army horse, police horse from the market using rewards. You can experience real horse riding on your phone. You need to be well prepared for all these super challenges to win the adventure race. horse racing rush simulator is the most authentic and endless experience of the rush game In this amazing horse racing & stunt race, there is a realistic racing adventure for those who are looking for thrilling and exciting games.
    In market, you can find number of horse racing, horse jumping, horse fighting, horse derby, police horse chase, us army police rival horse family, but you find this game is the best game having great feature of horse jumping and horse stunts & horse-riding simulation game
    Best horse sports competition 2021 has just arrived. You’re in charge, horse racing derby quest is going to be start, become #1 horse jumping champion to rule the race tracks! Can you win the derby Cup and take the Crown of Horse Racing? ride your favorite horses & completely different missions to enjoy, receive rewards for grooming your horses in pony games & entertain with other features like horse loading from the farm, horse makeup, horse escape games, horse buggy, and horse games race like never before.
    The world’s jumping courses are waiting for you! So, saddle up your favorite horse and participate in the world’s best and most challenging 3d show jumping tournaments! Isn’t it awesome?

    Ultimate Horse Stunts & Real Run Simulator 2021 Features:
    - HD 3D Game environment for you to enjoy
    - Highly Attractive Gameplay for all ages
    - Beautiful Horses and Animations
    - Realistic Horse Sound Effects
    - Realistic Audience Animations
    - Real like horse physics
    - Easy horse controls
    - Multiple challenging levels
    - Different horses to buy and ride during the competition

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