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Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited
Ride your bike through fun-packed tracks with jumps and loops in this simple and fast-paced head-to-head biking rampage …
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Ride your bike through fun-packed tracks with jumps and loops in this simple and fast-paced head-to-head biking rampage racing game. Whether you are into stunts, one-wheeling, dirt biking, stoppies, or speed thrills, BMX Champions will have you displaying your best skills while you manoeuvre your way through the obstacle course mayhem! Play as your favourite Cartoon Network character and jump on your customised bicycle ride and line up against other Cartoon Network characters. You will have to boost, balance and power to the finish line in this crazy racing course! BMX Champions is a simple yet fun bike racing game where you have to race through a track and try to be the first to cross the finish line. BMX Champions features racing tracks full of hills, curves, sharp edges, and many other obstacles to add to the challenge. Race your bike like never before while performing front and backflips, you will certainly have fun doing insane stunts and wheelies! With multiple racing courses to master, there are plenty of coins to collect and earn on the way to unlock special upgrades to customise your ride! BMX Champions offers endless customisation with 11 unique body frames including a chopper, bmx, dirt bike and motorbike to crazy go-karts, buggies, hotdogs and even unicorns! There’s 20 wacky wheels along with 10 additional extras to enhance your unique look. Not enough? Well, how about a spray-booth that lets players customise base colours for the body AND 21 types of trails that you can leave behind for your opponents to admire!​ KEY FEATURES Physics-driving and obstacle course gaming​ Play as your favourite characters from Cartoon Network shows Multiple race courses​ to master Endless customisation ​to create your own unique bike Earn coins to unlock special upgrades Regular Tournaments​ to become the ultimate biking champion CUSTOMISE YOUR BIKE -          11 ‘body’ types​ -          20 ‘wheel’ types   -          10 ‘decoration’ objects​ -          21 trail types (vehicles can leave a TRON style trail when boosting) ​ -          Spray-booth to customise the base colour for the body and wheels  -          10 custom paint colours THE RACERS -          The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball, Anais, Darwin, Richard, Nicole​ -          Teen Titans Go: Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy​ -          Apple and Onion: Apple, Onion​ -          Craig of the Creek: Craig, Kelsey, JP, Jessica​ -          We Baby Bears: Grizz, Panda, Ice Bear TOURNAMENTS Take part in regular BMX Champions Tournaments for the chance to shine in events where players compete to be at the top of the leader board.​ ********** This game is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Swedish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish. If you're having any problems, contact us at [email protected] Tell us about the issues you're running into as well as what device and OS version you're using. This app may contain ads for Cartoon Network and our partners’ products and services. ********** Before you download this game, please consider that this app contains: - "Analytics" for measuring the performance of the game and for understanding which areas of the game we need to improve; - ‘Non-targeted’ advertisements provided by Turner ad partners. Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy:
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Release:Jul 27, 2022
Updated:Jul 27, 2022
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