iPad Uforia: Mission to Earth, now on appstore!

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    Uforia is here!! Uforia is a brand new avoid'em up made by Silverbox Software!
    The goal in Uforia is to manuever your way through five different levels and
    gain as much points as you can by flying close to the obstacles WITHOUT CRASHING!
    It is a game that will challenge you to strain your own limits.

    Uforia SUPPORTS GAME CENTER(!) aswell as local higscore.


    Unlock and use powerful powerups, such as:
    Use these to your advantage, to gain more points, and foremost, to stay alive!
    Uforia uses gyroscopic-controls.

    Dear O.N.E

    The end of all humans is nigh! Wheels have been set in motion and the honor is yours!
    I, The Emperor of Uforia, have called upon you to sort out the biggest pests known to Uforians... HUMANKIND!
    Step up to the task, step up your game... and fulfill your destiny!

    You will take off and manuever your spaceship through four exhilarating campaign-levels to ultimately blow up
    the planet known as "Earth" from within it's very core.
    You will navigate through
    * Space
    * Busy streets
    * The atlantic ocean
    * A subterranean passage! Sweet!

    Choose between 5 different and totally awesome powerups, obtained throughout the levels in aid to your progress.
    Avoid comets, that famous swedish astronaut and a homicidal fish that will totally piss you off. No really, I hate that fish...

    Gain cred by flying close to all obstacles in your path. The closer you get without crashing into them, the higher cred you'll recieve. You will want to make it count because you will not be returning home.
    If you wish, there is time to prepare for your mission in the simulation-chamber.

    The Uforians are counting on you. Uforia itself is counting on you. I am counting on you.
    You will leave the humble home of Uforia, for a better future, for our race.

    /"The Emperor"

    Silverbox Software, the team that also gave you Farm Shepherd, is an amateur game developing team consisting of 5 people and are in dire need of more energy drinks. To fulfill our dream of an infinite supply of energy drinks we made this game. Help us help ourselves!

    Visit us at http://www.silverboxsoftware.com
    You can sign up as a guest at our forum and let us know your thoughts
    You can also mail us at contact@silverboxsoftware.com

    Itunes Link:
    Cost: 0,99 USD

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    Thank you thumbs. :)
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    Bumping this. Great game! Awesome graphics and music.

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