Ubisoft Rootkit FYI

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Teknikal, Jul 30, 2012.

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    Well if you have any recent ubisoft games you may have a rootkit they decided to bundle along without telling you, I never thought another company would be so stupid after Sony who are still suffering a lot of rage from it.

    How do you know if your machine is wide open that's easy click here if calculator opens you are infected and any website that wants to has a backdoor into your computer.

    It's been suggested that antivirus companys will not legally be allowed to remove it as it goes against the DMCA for them. I personally wouldn't call it a rootkit but it still definitely fit's my definition of a trojan backdoor.
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    Dayum. Ubisoft just went full [a term I should be ashamed to use].
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    Dec 23, 2009
    thats interesting. i do not have any of there software installed. but i have been waiting for ever for the guitar game to come to the PC. but amazon. always shows it will be released ( iv seen it go from 3 months to a whole year now.. now its oct its suppose to be out )

    iv pretty much given up on that game ever coming to pc. and i do not own a ps3, or xbox. and gave away my ps2 to my little brother.

    i thought about email this company, but figured why bother. thanks for the heads up.

    you run firefox i may recommend two plug-ins that will help protect you from such scripts running with out your permission.


    noscript. ( gives you control what scripts are allowed to run on a webpage. period. can be a pain, but its worth it in the end. especially if you visit a lot of random webpages. )
    adpluss ( duh )
    beaf taco ( this takes care of advertising tracking cookies etc )

    anyhow, i guess ill give up on the guitar game for pc now.

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