U.D.I.Y. by Icuzo LLC

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    an you... Do it yourself?

    Welcome to UDIY!
    Your objective is to deliver and install appliances to customers around the city with precision and efficiency. Your score will be based on how fast you deliver and install without making any mistakes. Be careful because this isn't as easy as it sounds.

    You play as the Driver and Helper and take on deliveries that your boss assigns you in your Warehouse. Afterwards you must carefully drive to each delivery. Once you've install the appliance(s) go on to the next delivery until it reaches 5pm. From there your score is tallied and how efficient you were will come into play.

    -3 gameplay styles for more immersed fun
    -Cartoony styled graphics and animations
    -Leaderboards to compete with players from around the world

    Pick and tease your brain with this fun strategy puzzle game! You'll learn a lot about tools and how to install appliances (will come in handy in life!). What are you waiting for!? Your boss is going to start yelling if you don't start these deliveries!

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