Two Apps - Sold for $0.99 Total! (300+ Sex Cyclone & 100+ Sex Positions)

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by StarySky, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. StarySky

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    Jun 7, 2010
    1. 300+ Sex Positions - Adult Love Cyclone. iTunes:
    2. Sex Positions & Love Conquest - Sublime Kamasutra. iTunes:

    If you have one of them, we will give another one to you for free!

    You could reply to this topic and give a screenshot image of your app with your forum ID contained as indentification like what I do in comment.
    I will pm you with the promotion code of another app, so you can get the app for free.
    If I don't reply to you in time, you could send an Email to me ( for reminding.

    Part of Users Comments of Former Version:
    ☆ “Pretty neat app! My husband and I have been married 7 years. With his limited imagination I should be able to do every position by the time I” — Kristin
    ☆ “Great app. I'm aroused!” — Nadia
    ☆ “I love this app! I can't wait to try them with my hubby.” — Janette
    ☆ “Marj. This is very interesting. A lot of these positions I never heard of. Can't wait to try some with my hubby!” — Marjorie
    ☆ “Sexellent lol!” — John
    ☆ “Very real pictures make for very easy attempts at hard positions! Good app!” — Alex
    ☆ “Great info for people who can't think of different positions” — Joshua
    ☆ “This app is great! I learned some good stuff. Help with your relationship if you're running out of ideas” —Benjamin
    ☆ “Awesome. Newlyweds always looking for spice, and this is perfect for my husband and I .” —Kelli
    ☆ “I like this app learned a lot of new positions to try.” —Rosio
    ☆ “I tried most of this style through experience. I must say it great. Love it and fun with my hubby.” —Sokna
    ☆ “Help for the lady and i. perfect for the adventurous sort.” — Sam
    ☆ “My roommate and I will each perform all these positions in the next 6 months!” —Toby
    ☆ “Me and my mane love this gives us so many ideas.” —Anjelica
    ☆ “The app is very interesting, I am about to try one of the position right now.” —Rasheen
    ☆ “Great app. Awesome info and graphics” —Gretagrits
    ☆ “Worth a look. Maybe one of the best apps ive got” —Jonh
    ☆ “This inspired my wife to sit on my face. Love it.” —matt
    ☆ “Awesome app for you and your girl!” —James
    ☆ “omg this is amazin! Now I am all aroused from wathin that lol” —Kelcey
    ☆ “Spark fly in the bed” —Nina
    ☆ “wife+app+wine=5” —hack
    ☆ “Made me lol and is funny to show to friends XD” —Christian​

    We have about 35 codes rest total of the two apps, maybe you are the one who should enjoy them!

    Enoy the apps!

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  2. StarySky

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    Jun 7, 2010
    StarrySky - 300+ Sex Positions - Adult Love Cyclone

    Like it very much!
    I have veiwed alomst all of the 300+ positions, expecting to enjoy another one!

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  3. FlameKnight

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    Sep 15, 2010

    Have just seen your topic in promo code forum. If you could send me the code, I would get both apps as you mentioned! :)

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