Twin Beams

"Twin Beams absolutely joins the list of Best Puzzle Apps of 2012." - Tom Cutrofello,…
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"Twin Beams absolutely joins the list of Best Puzzle Apps of 2012." - Tom Cutrofello,

Twin Beams is a game of logic and observation. The logic reasoning required is surprisingly varied.

Customer reviews:
"No add-on packs to buy, no ads, just 10,000 well-crafted puzzles. Highly recommended!"
"One of the very best logic puzzles in the store - I promise!"
"Very challenging."
"Easy to pick up and quickly play a couple of puzzles."
"Well thought out and intuitive."

Each grid has a single solution. Place laser emitters on the grid, such that there are exactly two emitters in every row, column, and coloured area. Emitters must not touch each other.

The paper & pencil version of this puzzle is known as:
Star Battle, or Stars, in the USA and UK;
Doppelstern in Germany;
Alberi, or Sentinelle, in Italy.

• 4 difficulty levels, from novice to expert.
• 2,500 top quality grids for each difficulty level (10,000 total).
• Illegal moves are automatically excluded, letting you focus on the logic reasoning.
• Unlimited undo/redo.
• Statistics about the number of grids solved, best and average times, and total play time.
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