Tweaked Revolution

96 Creative
Tweaked Revolution is a true street racing game with unmatched levels of car customization in the AppStore. CAREER MOD…
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Tweaked Revolution is a true street racing game with unmatched levels of car customization in the AppStore. CAREER MODE: Create your driver. DEALERSHIPS: Purchase cars at 6 different dealerships. SHOP: Purchase homes, visual & performance parts, paint your vehicle, fuel up. AUTO SHOP: Perform jobs to earn extra cash & TR Coins. HOME: View your vehicles & their information. Sell, Tweak, Tune or Showoff them here. RACE: Practice your skills in the 1/4 mile. Wager a bet against a random opponent. Race 6 different teams and their members to unlock backgrounds in the showoff, earn cash as well as TR Coins. Get 10 Wins at a race spot to unlock its background. IN-APP PURCHASES: Purchase game cash, TR Coins & premium vehicles. TWEAK MODE: STEP 1: SELECT - Choose from over 65 vehicles with 3 views each! front, side and rear. STEP 2: TWEAK - Modify EVERY aspect of your car with thousands of possible combinations. Categories include; headlights, taillights, front bumper, side skirt, rear bumper, hood, fenders, roof, trunk, mirrors, door handles, antenna, body panels, front seats, backseat, rims, tires, calipers, rotors, struts, springs, exhaust, rear view mirror ornaments, window tint, spoiler and even lug nuts. STEP 3: PAINT - Paint any part any colour you wish. STEP 4: GAMES / SHOWOFF -With your ride fully tweaked you can now choose to show it off or use it to play in 3 mini-games including: REACTION TIME - Once the light turns green, hit the gas! How close can you get to a 0.000 reaction? GAS FILL-UP - Ever try to pump gas and try to stop the fill-up exactly at ? this mini-game you are given a target fill-up cost. How close can you get to the target without going over? PIGEON PLOP - Nobody likes when a bird ruins your new shiny polished paint by plopping all over it. Wipe off all the plop the passing pigeons drop on your ride. 10 or more plops and you lose! How many can you wipe before there's too many birds to handle? **SUGGESTED REQUIREMENTS** Devices: iPod touch 4 or newer, iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer. iOS Versions: iOS6 + Follow TR on these social networks and join the TR community: Like TR! Follow TR! @TweakedGame Instagram: tweakedrevolution For more information visit: Questions/Bugs/Suggestions? E-Mail:
Seller:96 Creative
Genre:Racing, Simulation
Release:Sep 05, 2012
Updated:Aug 06, 2014
Size:38.6 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal